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I am extremely excited to be a part of the Show No FEAR and Go BZRK Australian & New Zealand blog tour for Michael Grant’s most recent release of Fear (which you can find my review here), the fifth book of the Gone series, and also BZRK, the first book in a new series (my review here). As some of you may know, I am a big fan of Michael Grant’s works and when Jen from Hardie Grant Egmont asked me if I would like to take part in this blog tour, I shot my hand immediately in the air and said ‘Yes!’ – more like screamed out ‘Yes!’

You can find the dates and blogs that are participating on the sidebar to the left. You can find Michael Grant’s introductory message to his ANZ fans here, and then at Read in a single sitting, Michael Grant spills the beans on dystopian influences, transmedia and The Simpsons. I hope you enjoy the rest of the blog tour and if you haven’t yet begun reading Gone and its sequels or BZRK, I want to see you grab your car keys, drive to your nearest bookstore, and purchase them.

Today, Michael Grant answers my queries as to why ‘fear’ plays a huge role in the Gone series, what were his influences for using this concept, and why wait until the fifth book to reveal what we have all been wondering since the first page of Gone.

FEAR is all about happiness.

Okay, no it’s not. It’s about fear. I hope that’s not a spoiler. Early on I hit on the idea of building each book around a single over-arching concept: GONE, HUNGER, LIES, PLAGUE. Now FEAR. The last book will be called LIGHT. It will be about fear.

No, that’s not true, either. It will be about light, truth, revelations, clarity. But before we can get to all that positive-sounding stuff we have to pass through fear. FEAR is about all the different forms that fear can take: fear of loneliness, fear of failure, fear of pain and loss. Fear of the dark both literally and metaphorically.

In FEAR I finally give up a lot of information. I tend to hold my cards close to the vest and dole out information a little at a time. Incidentally, I’m not this way at all in real life. In real life I’ll answer anyone’s question about anything as openly as I can. This sometimes leaves audiences staring, open-mouthed and wondering, “Who is this weirdo?”

But I digress.

In FEAR we finally answer the question: what is the FAYZ barrier? What happened to all the people over age 14? What happened to Mary? And why did Connie Temple keep Sam and give Caine up for adoption?

And for the first time ever we actually increase the population of the FAYZ by one. It’s not pretty, I have to warn you. Then again, birth never is, really, despite all the romantic nonsense about it. Seen up close it’s quite appalling, even under the best of circumstances. I know, I’m a father, I’ve been there in the delivery room.

But again, I digress.

Sam has two great fears, fear of the dark, and fear of being judged for everything that’s happened under his watch in the FAYZ. In FEAR he confronts both of those fears. Of course Astrid helps him a bit with that. In fact Sam experiences some simple, straightforward joy. . . for a few minutes before the fear comes down on him like a hammer.

Because it wouldn’t be a GONE novel if Sam was having fun, now would it?

Interesting, huh? To know a bit about the reasons for why things have been done. And as always, Michael Grant enjoys leaving everyone still wondering about things, with an itch still to scratch – and that’s the talk of Light, my number one most-anticipated book of 2013.

I don’t leave you here with that itch to scratch though. Jen has kindly offered me to give a copy of BZRK away on the blog. This is for Australian (& New Zealand?) residents only.

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  • Alice says:

    I’m going to be honest and say that I’m wary of telling you my fear since you’ll probably try and use your DESENSITISATION and stick it to my forehead. >>

    OKAY. I admit I’m scared of a lot of things. I’m not some super brave biatch. I don’t like spiders or snakes if I’m out in the wild with them. I don’t CARE if it doesn’t make sense to be afraid of tiny little things. Some are quite big. and hairy. and poisonous. SO YEAH.

    Oh…and in my area…you often get scary people walking around the streets at night. That’s why I don’t often walk my dog after 6. It’s…yeah. >>

    THANK YOUUUU SO MUCH FOR THE GIVEAWAY! <3 This book looks AWESOME. And damn I really, really, really need to read Gone. D:


    Alice Reply:

    And there’s no way you’re glueing creepy people to my forehead.


    Braiden Reply:

    So you’re superpower would be being a snake or spider too? hehe


    Alice Reply:

    crap was I meant to put a superpower in there as well? URGH this is too much to remember in the morning. RIGHT. SUPERPOWER. Helll no I wouldn’t want to be a freaking spider. Unless I could turn into something like Aragog. THAT would be cool cause I’d freak everyone. :D

    UMMMMMMMM. superpower…probably…*thinks of Hunting Lila* DEFINITELY psychokinesis actually. I’m lazy. I think I tried to do Wingardium Leviosa about 100 times when I was lying in bed when I was 11. and then I tried to concentrate really hard with my mind. In the end I would also have to go get my book from my desk. it made me cranky.

  • EEK! Umm… this was a FANTASTIC post! You know, I’ve never read anything by Michael (not even a Q&A), and he seems enormously fun and smart, and I AM SO EFFING INTRIGUED BY THIS SERIES NOW. SARAH WANTS. OMNOMNOMNOM.

    Uh… you know, I think Alice has a point here… there has to be an ulterior motive for you asking about our fears… and honestly? I’d be better off telling you what I’m NOT sared of… umm…

    But my absolute number one fear is cockroaches. I have a full on phobia of them. I KNOW they can’t do anything to me, but even the thought of them makes every single muscle in my body tense up (seriously, typing right now is hard), I get clammy and shaky and my entire mind fogs over, I feel like wretching and… I SWEAR TO GOODNESS IF I FIND A COCKROACH FILLED ENVELOPE IN MY MAILBOX EVER, I KNOW IT WAS YOU, AND I SHALL POUR FORTH MY VENEGANCE TENFOLD!
    I’m also scared of flying, heights, enclosed spaces, all other insects (including butterflies, creepy little things. Everyone’s like, ‘OH, they’re so PRETTY’, but they never stop and look what’s between the wings), I’m terrified of being burnt to death, almost more than any other kind death, seaweed (when swimming in the ocean), the dark, being locked in a small space, germs, at times children uh… seriously? And I’m not even going into the crazy psychological fears… ESPECIALLY with you, future DOCTOR Asciak :P

    Hmmm… what super power? I don’t think a super power is going to help me… unless I can be like the Invisible Girl, and create a forcefield bubble around me? THAT might help… Hmmm… or maybe I could shoot bugspray from my wrists like Spiderman can web? This could work, but it’s really a rather boring super power :P


    Alice Reply:

    I was TERRIFIED of the butterfly house at the zoo when I was little. Whenever a butterfly would land on me I would go so still and close my eyes and be very traumatised. o_o

    I’m better now.


  • Celine says:

    My fears: SPIDERS. I am so scared of Spiders and Aussie is just filled with creepy and scary spiders. I have no idea what superpower can help me. Maybe like…if I can shoot laser from my eyes to kill the spiders? Hahaha! HELP ME PICK A SUPER POWER TO DEFEAT SPIDERS!!!


    Braiden Reply:

    That could work.


    Alice Reply:

    Being able to squirt bug spray from your fingers?


  • Things I’m scared of? Well, there’s a lot… Like public speaking. Ugh. But more on bugs. Yeah, I really hate those little creepy insects that crawl on you while you’re asleep… *shudders* Maybe if I’d had the power to- hmm, maybe kill all bugs within a mile with a snap of fingers, that’d be great! :D

    But enough of that. On a lighter note, I’m a huge fan of Grant’s works, and I’m so excited to read Fear and BZRK! :)


  • Brodie says:

    Hahaha of course you screamed YES, I’d be appalled if you of all people weren’t ask to participate in a Michael Grant tour!

    I love this post and how he speaks of fear. Seriously, it is making me SO eager to go pick up the sequel in the GONE series. I’ve read the first book but stupidly, stupidly have not read the second yet. After this and also loving BZRK… well, clearly I’M the crazy one.


  • Jen @ Midnight Book Thief says:

    Oh crap. You know that part where you leave the link to the tweet? I accidentally pasted my wi-fi’s password. *facepalm* Here’s the correct link: https://twitter.com/#!/NightBookThief/status/190986190726504448


  • Mary Preston says:

    I don’t know how I would combat a fear of failure with, or how. A kick-ass super suit wouldn’t hurt. That’s for sure.


  • Hmmm. Let’s see. My biggest fear is actually blood tests. I can have a dozen needles but one blood test and I’m hyperventilating and on the edge of passing out occasionally. I cannot handle them.

    I’m love to be able to move through time. That would be a cool superpower. Imagine all the awesome places you could go and people you could meet.

    You know I haven’t actually read a Michael Grant book (don’t hurt me) but I’m really eager to. His books look amazing and I’ve heard nothing but great things about them.
    Chao B xx


  • Sarah says:

    I am scared of success. But I am also scared of failing. So if I had a superpower I would be Super Successful but sometimes not so much and perfectly OK with that woman!
    Too wordy?
    Loved gone. Looking forward to BZRK.


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